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Inheriting the Red Gene and Promoting the May Fourth Spirit
Release time:2024-04-30 Browse times:778

As the May Fourth Youth Day approaches, Guangbo Group organized young representatives of its members to visit the Yinzhou Heroes and Martyrs Memorial Hall to inherit the red gene and promote the image of Guangbo youth through practical actions.

Upon entering the memorial hall, everyone follows the pace of the guide, listens attentively to the heroic deeds of the heroes and martyrs, and occasionally stops to watch the relics and precious historical materials of the heroes and martyrs.The solemn atmosphere infected everyone, and everyone was inspired by the patriotic spirit of the martyrs. They expressed in their message books that they wanted to learn from their heroic dedication to national liberation and independence.

After the visit, the head of the Youth League Committee also introduced the historical background and important significance of the May Fourth Movement to the young employees, emphasizing the responsibilities that young people in the new era should possess.

Everyone expressed that this event has profound significance. The future of China requires more passionate young people, and today's Guangbo requires more efforts and hard work.The youth representative expressed the desire to translate the experiences and feelings of this event into practical actions, and to devote more enthusiasm to fresh work.


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