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Strengthening a high quality management team and empowering enterprises to develop with high quality
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In order to further enhance the management ability of company cadres and build a cadre team that understands management, is good at management, and can manage effectively, Guangbo Group has welcomed a unique structured thinking training course.The purpose of this training is to enhance the analytical ability, decision-making level, and work efficiency of the company's management team, and to promote the in-depth development of various work in the company in a more scientific and systematic way of thinking.


Before the training began, Shu Yueping, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the Group company, gave a mobilization speech. He believed that structured thinking is an efficient and orderly way of thinking, which can help management quickly find key nodes in complex problems and form clear solutions. He hoped that Guangbo cadres could benefit from it.


Subsequently, trainer Teacher Wang embarked on a wonderful journey of structured thinking with vivid cases and simple explanations. Teacher Wang guides everyone to gradually master the core skills of structured thinking through a series of interactive activities.The management cadres actively participated, spoke enthusiastically, and the atmosphere on site was lively. Everyone expressed that through training, they have gained a deeper understanding of structured thinking and learned how to apply this thinking method in practical work.


During the training process, Teacher Wang also emphasized the important role of structured thinking in team collaboration. Through structured thinking, team members can better understand each other's work content and ideas, forming closer cooperative relationships.This training is not only a transfer of knowledge, but also a collision and sublimation of thinking. Through training, Guangbo cadres not only enhance their professional competence, but also inject new vitality into the future development of the company.

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