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At the beginning of summer, we hit the eggs and gathered together in the cafeteria
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Eating eggs at the beginning of summer is the highlight of celebrating the beginning of summer, and hitting eggs contains good wishes for everyone's physical health.


On this holiday, Guangbo Group cafeteria organizes the "Summer Egg Crash" activity during the beginning of summer.Colleagues from different departments hold carefully selected boiled eggs in their hands, with the tips of the eggs protected by their nests and tightly pressed against each other. Whoever smashed the other party's egg, the onlookers burst into cheers.The winner's face shows signs of victory, while the loser still refuses to admit defeat. "If the big end of the egg is broken, lean on the small end. If the small end is broken, lean on the horizontal end." Everyone enthusiastically demonstrated their skills in the event, and also made new colleagues from the north feel the unique atmosphere of Ningbo's beginning of summer.


By inheriting the customs of the beginning of summer and holding a welcoming ceremony, Guangbo employees can actively adjust their mindset while receiving good wishes, ushering in summer and moving forward with warmth.



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