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Guangbo Craftsman,inheritance of craftsmanship
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On April 15th, after nearly a month of competition and selection, Zhuang Zhengfeng from the boutique book workshop, Gu Junhui from the auxiliary materials workshop, and Bao Zhongyu from the printing factory were finally awarded the title of "Guangbo Craftsman", in recognition of their silent dedication and pursuit of excellence in the production line, with the aim of promoting the spirit of craftsmanship and promoting high-quality development of the enterprise.




Since its launch, this selection activity has received enthusiastic response and active participation from a large number of employees. After layers of screening and strict evaluation, three outstanding and skilled craftsmen were ultimately selected for their respective positions. Some of them are skilled in precision machining, some are proficient in equipment maintenance, and some are outstanding in technological innovation.They not only demonstrate superb skills and a rigorous attitude in their work, but also integrate the spirit of craftsmanship into every aspect, interpreting the values of "striving for excellence and pursuing excellence" with practical actions.

At the award ceremony, Shu Yueping, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the Group company, expressed warm congratulations and high respect to the craftsman employees who have received honorary titles. They emphasize that employees are the most valuable asset of a company and an important support for its development. Enterprises will continue to increase their efforts in cultivating and investing in skilled talents, providing a platform for more frontline employees to learn and grow, and promoting the overall improvement of the company's production and manufacturing skills. The holding of the "Guangbo Craftsman" selection event is a recognition and inheritance of the spirit of craftsmanship, and also injects new vitality and momentum into future development.

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