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Guangbo Group Holds Free Clinic and Tug of War Activities to Celebrate Women's Day on March 8th
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March 8, 2024 is the 114th International Women's Day.On that day, Guangbo Group, in collaboration with Haishu District People's Hospital, organized a free clinic activity in Ningbo Industrial Park with the theme of "Striving for a New Journey and Blooming a New Era" to care for women.


Medical staff provide a series of caring medical examination services for women, including science popularization education, health consultation, blood pressure measurement, blood sugar measurement, ultrasound examination, etc., for employees who come for consultation. And during the lunch break, two health knowledge lectures were held, actively promoting some disease prevention strategies and knowledge.


In the afternoon, 10 groups of heroic tug of war teams composed of female employees from various departments of the group company engaged in a fierce tug of war competition. The game officially began with a whistle from the referee.The contestants lowered their bodies, lowered their center of gravity, and exerted all their strength to tighten the rope, engaging in a power and passion competition with their opponents.Their indomitable spirit of fighting and never giving up infected the audience who were watching and cheering, and the cheers on the scene were endless. The atmosphere at the competition venue was high, fully demonstrating the spirit of women's hard work and competition.


After multiple rounds of intense competition, the tug of war teams from stationery factory 2, stationery factory 1, and production logistics ultimately won the championship, runner up, and third place.All female employees spent a fulfilling, joyful, and meaningful holiday amidst laughter and hard work, showcasing the healthy and upward spirit of women, and showcasing the graceful demeanor of Guangbo Group.



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