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Shining Fashion Festival! Guangbo Group showcases these cultural and creative "national products"!
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On October 17th, the reporter learned from Guangbo Group that at the 2023 Ningbo Fashion Festival and the 27th Ningbo International Fashion Festival, which opened on the 19th, the leading domestic stationery enterprise Guangbo Group will join forces with Zhejiang Wanli College to showcase the latest cooperation results between industry, academia, and research, as well as bring innovative ideas in fashion culture to the general public.

As a well-known "domestic" brand in the field of stationery in China, in recent years, Guangbo Group has been focusing on "fashion+cultural creativity" and established the Kinbor brand in 2015.We actively collaborate with domestic and foreign designers, as well as TV dramas, popular IPs, popular social platforms, etc., to create independent IPs or launch series of co branded works. At the same time, we also deeply explore the sustainable development path of 'technological innovation+environmental protection', and actively lead the new trend of the future cultural and creative industry, "said the relevant person in charge of Guangbo Group.

In addition to collaborating with well-known IPs such as Tianyige Museum, Disney, King of Glory, and Sanrio, in recent years, Guangbo Group has also launched "industry education cooperation" with universities to explore new aspects of cultural, creative, and fashion. The theme and content of this exhibition stem from this.

It is reported that the exhibition theme of Guangbo Group this time is "Kinbor Space Odyssey Plan". The event site will be divided into "7 Theme Planets", mainly showcasing Kinbor's 6 theme products and the integration of industry and education in Wanli, including a series of products such as "mimo Planet", "Explore Future Planet", "Cute Food Planet", "Panda With Bamboo Planet", "Rich Planet", "Vital Hand Account Planet", and "Design Youth Planet".

In addition, a series of interactive activities will be held on-site, including paying attention to receiving badges, checking in with gifts, and collecting badges with gifts.

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