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Guangbo and Wanli College Light up the "Light of Youth" Together
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On October 19th, the 2023 Ningbo Fashion Festival and the 27th Ningbo International Fashion Festival kicked off with a grand ceremony. Guangbo Group, together with Zhejiang Wanli College and its brand Kinbor Fashion, made its debut, lighting up the "Youth Light" with brilliant industrial and academic achievements.


In the venue, kinbor × The "Space Odyssey Bureau" themed exhibition hall at Wanli College is particularly prominent, and the mimo wearing spacesuits has attracted many people to take group photos.This exhibition is presented in the form of a large-scale garden tour, with a total of 7 themed planets and many exploration activities on site. Many visitors involuntarily joined the exploration team, collecting seals through various test levels and exchanging them for good gifts.


In addition, the "Space Odyssey" also showcased six themed products of Kinbor and the integration of industry and education, including a series of products such as "MIMO Planet", "Exploring the Future Planet", "Cute Food Planet", "Panda With Bamboo Planet", "Super Rich Planet", "Vital Hand Account Planet", and "Design Youth Star Ball". While playing, don't forget to take away the memories of exploration.


In recent years, Guangbo Group has been focusing on "cultural and creative+" and continuously striving to create independent IPs, while also frequently collaborating with well-known IPs both domestically and internationally to launch a series of co branded works, striving to bring new cultural and creative concepts to the audience.


This year, Guangbo also launched a deep "industry university research cooperation" with Wanli College, establishing a long-term and stable collaborative innovation cooperation mechanism, jointly promoting the transformation of new cultural and creative concepts into practical and innovative teaching achievements, and launching new explorations in the field of cultural and creative design.




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