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Guangbo Group's Third Quarter Economic Operation Analysis Meeting Held
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On October 7th, Guangbo Group held a third quarter economic operation analysis meeting, listened to the group company's business situation in the third quarter and the fourth quarter business plan, and jointly discussed good ideas and methods to complete the annual economic indicators.Wang Liping, secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the Group, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

Chairman Wang Liping pointed out that although the current foreign economic situation is not ideal and the recovery of foreign trade business still requires time, under the leadership of the general manager, the sales of domestic cultural and creative products have achieved remarkable results, and the layout of overseas brands has also made qualitative breakthroughs. All of these are the results of the joint efforts of various departments.Wang Liping pointed out that whether it is treating products or customers, we must start from scratch. Making good products is respect for ourselves and also for customers, which is also a primary driving force for improving the company's development.We cannot deny ourselves. Although the products we produce today may not be perfect, the most important thing is to always maintain the original intention of starting a business. Starting from the details, one day we can make our products perfect and make the company a benchmark in the industry.


Regarding the work in the fourth quarter, he pointed out that the entire company must remember one thing and speak with data. It goes without saying how many years I have worked in the company, this is useless.Only data indicators can measure the height of a department, whether a department has achieved success, whether it has made profits, and whether it has brought value to the company.

At the meeting, Chairman Wang Liping proposed two key projects for the group company for the next year - the "Dream Project" and the "Spark Plan".

Dream Project is aimed at developing new materials.Whether it is a silver coated copper powder project or an alloy powder project, we must have dreams and plan to achieve them. It is very important to use technology to build a market in the field, and to take a path without standards out of our standards. 

The Spark Plan is the expansion of Guangbo brand overseas. Currently, some orders and customers are like small sparks, inconspicuous but hot. Is it possible to ignite these sparks in relatively underdeveloped countries such as Latin American countries, African countries, and Southeast Asian countries, so that under the Spark Plan, these countries' sparks can double their sales on their existing basis.


Finally, Wang Liping gave instructions to all middle and senior officials present. He believed that Guangbo’s middle and senior officials were a banner and a leader in their work positions. Cadres should actively focus on performance, use data to express results, and use cost management as a basis to reflect their own value.

I hope that the new and old cadres and key elites in various departments of the company can leverage their own advantages, the production department can effectively release production capacity, and the business department can continuously enhance growth momentum to ensure high-quality economic development in the coming year.




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