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Celebrating the Mid Autumn Festival and National Day: This Gala of Guangbo Group is Super Burning
Release time:2023-09-28 Browse times:2244

On the evening of September 27th, the 2023 Mid Autumn Festival Gala of Guangbo Group was held at Guangbo Harmony Home.The performance revolves around the theme of "Celebrating the Mid Autumn Festival and Welcoming National Day". Through exciting cultural performances such as songs, dances, and speeches, we discuss high-quality development with our employees and share a spiritual and cultural feast.


Accompanied by passionate speeches, the performance officially kicked off.

Subsequently, exciting performances such as choir performances like "Little dimples", Yue opera "Desert Prince", solo dance performances such as "Early Spring in March", "Lanterns and Colours", and "Hope for a Long Life" were staged in turns,keeping the highlights of the entire performance constant and winning cheers from the on-site audience.Various small games were interspersed in the middle of the performances, fully mobilizing the atmosphere of the scene, and everyone's face was filled with smiles.


The entire performance was cleverly and brilliantly arranged, aiming to convey the warmth and beauty of the Mid Autumn Festival to all employees. The Mid Autumn Festival Gala is not only a form of artistic expression, but also an important manifestation of the core values of Guangbo corporate culture.Wishing all employees of Guangbo to sit together with family and friends, enjoy the full moon,have an emotional and elegant atmosphere, and enjoy the pleasant time of the festival together!

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