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Chef Competition! Guangbo Group Holds the First Chef Skills Competition
Release time:2023-09-05 Browse times:2372

Cutting shredded potatoes, braised fish in brown sauce, sweet and sour mandarin fish...The first chef skills competition of Guangbo Group in 2023 was held in the cafeteria of Guangbo Industrial Park, where chefs gathered to compete in cooking skills.






There are a total of nine chefs participating in this competition. At the competition site, the chefs waved their spatulas and performed frying in turns. Each chef demonstrated their "eighteen martial arts skills" and soon brought out a series of specialty dishes. The atmosphere at the competition was warm and fragrant, making people drool.






The public judges mainly give comprehensive ratings based on the chefs' cutting skills, as well as the taste, texture, appearance, and cost accounting of the dishes. In the end, Master Wu Fangjun, Master Wu Quanfa, and Master Ye Haibo won the top three!





This competition implements the policy of improving quality through competition. Through the competition platform, it aims to improve the high-quality service skills of Guangbo chefs, better meet the expectations of employees for the delicious food in the cafeteria, effectively improve the skill level of dish making, food safety and professional service, promote innovation and progress in the cafeteria, and give everyone a greater sense of achievement and happiness.


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