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Guangbo and Kenyan ENFB have reached cooperation to jointly create the future
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On September 7th, Guangbo Group held a marketing cooperation signing ceremony with Kenya's ENFB STATIONERY SUPPLIER company in Nairobi, Kenya. The marketing involved office consumables, office equipment, stationery products, etc.This cooperation not only promoted the economic development of the two companies, but also deepened the friendship and mutual trust between the two peoples. Wang Liping, Chairman of Guangbo Group, and Mr. Li, General Manager of ENFB Company, as well as their respective teams, attended the signing ceremony.





This signing was held against the backdrop of Guangbo's implementation of the "Three Centenaries" strategy. During the event, both parties exchanged views on the future development of each other's companies, the prospects and directions of strategic cooperation, and reached important consensus. Chairman Wang Liping stated that in the future, we will open up a wider dealer network to each other, making it an important hub for Guangbo products to reach millions of consumers in Africa. The signing of this cooperation agreement marks a new stage of development for Guangbo Group's brand globalization strategic cooperation.



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