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Guangbo Group Co., Ltd. Holds the Fourth Meeting of the Eighth Board of Directors
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On the morning of August 23rd, Wang Liping, chairman and secretary of the Party committee of the Group company, presided over the fourth meeting of the eighth board of directors of the company, and relevant personnel such as directors, supervisors, and senior management personnel attended the meeting.

The attending directors carefully listened to, reviewed and approved seven agenda items including the "2023 Semi-annual Report of the Company".The attending directors fully affirmed the achievements of the company's management team in business expansion, internal management and projects. They stated that despite market fluctuations and fierce competition in the first half of the year, the company was able to overcome many difficulties and rise against the trend, successfully achieving its business objectives, which was a hard-earned achievement.


At the same time, the attending directors proposed that the second half of the year is a critical period for the company to complete its annual goals and tasks. Based on the company's annual work goals and key work requirements, we should focus on various business tasks, adhere to the core values of the enterprise, and create a new level of high-tech development.


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