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Guangbo Group's 2023 semi-annual economic work conference successfully held
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On August 5, 2023, the 2023 semi-annual economic work conference of Guangbo Group was grandly held in the report hall of Guangbo industrial park.Nearly 200 people, including the party committee of the group company, senior leadership team, supervisors and department representatives of each branch, gathered at the venue.



Firstly, Wang Junping, deputy secretary of the Party committee and general manager of the group company, made the annual work report. In the report, general manager Wang Junping realistically summarized the work achievements of the group company over the past six months, analyzed the existing problems, and proposed business goals for the second half of the year, clarifying the responsibilities of each functional department.



General manager Wang Junping pointed out that although unfavorable factors continue to persist after the easing of the epidemic, with the efforts of all colleagues in Guangbo, the company has expanded the market to reduce costs, strengthened management efficiency, and overall maintained stable progress in various business operations.



Subsequently, the heads of each major business segment and typical representatives of the department conducted semi-annual work reports to actively plan for the smooth completion of the annual economic indicators.


Finally, Wang Liping, secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the Group company, delivered an important speech titled "For Tomorrow". Chairman Wang Liping pointed out that the significance of enterprise existence is particularly important in the turbulent and complex environment of internal and external situations.He conveyed the methodology of improving quality and efficiency, as well as the values of striving, to all employees of Guangbo through two vivid stories: "the value of containers" and "the critical point of cost".


He pointed out that today we persist in setting an example for the industry. Tomorrow we will face even more insurmountable difficulties, but our mission inspires us to continue to strive, overcome difficulties, and thrive. In the future, we need to actively integrate, participate, and accept subversion, otherwise there will be no opportunity to say goodbye in the face of elimination.


This conference specifically opened four online venues, namely Vietnam, Cambodia, and Suqian, to simultaneously participate in the "cloud" event. In addition, the meeting also arranged group discussions, as well as nine leaders from Guangxin Company and Yongtaiping Company giving work reports, and eight typical representatives from various departments exchanging experiences.


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