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2, 600 units a day! Guangbo IP cooperation is powerful
Release time:2019-06-28 Browse times:1022

In just 24 hours, sales reached a staggering 2600 sets. Kinbor, one of Guangbo’s fashion and life stationery brands, handed in an answer sheet in the past few day. In the kinbor flagship store of t-mall, paper tape and sticker series are jointly launched by well-known hand-tour Yin Yang Master, which has sparked a hot talk.

This is another attempt to break the entry barrier again, and it is also the first time Guangbo brand has been in the IP. The Yin Yang Master is a hot hand-tour under Netease, which has a very high heat and popularity in the post-95 and post-oo groups, with its new play, fine picture and personalized interaction. At its peak, the number of users exceeded tens of millions.

This time Guangbo together with Yin Yang Master has launched five types of paper tape and sticker series. According to the introduction, these five products are re-created on the basis of the game prototype. More new elements have been added to make it more valuable to collect. At the same time, the product development and design work of other game characters and images is already in the preparation of the next stage.

In recent years, through joint IP cooperation, we have come out with the video series "the green and red thin", "the beauty and the animal ", the trend app" the "netease lofter", as well as Chinese national museum, Nanjing museum, Ningbo museum, Shaoxing museum and other big IP to establish the cooperative partnership. The relevant joint products have been sold, and the great results have been made. It is fair to say that while building the IP cooperation, the brand influence of Guangbo’s brand has also risen in a line. The kinbor and fizz brands have become a byword for fashion and fashion stationery, and the number of product sales and the number of fans has been rising in a line.

In the future, Guangbo will continue to explore brand value and explore the possibility of IP cooperation in more areas. At the same time, Guangbo will also focus on the improvement of design ability and innovation ability, and create more original IP, which will lead to the trend of brand.

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