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The fifth congress of Guangbo Group committee of CPC was held smoothly
Release time:2019-04-19 Browse times:1225

On the morning of April 19, Guangbo Group committee fifth congress of the communist party of China was held in the lecture hall. Vice secretary of Shi Qi street party working committee, office director Sun Miao fang, group company party secretary and president Wang Liping,vice secretary of party committee and general manager Wang Junping, deputy party secretary and CEO Shu Yueping attended the meeting. The meeting listened to the work report of the fourth party committee and successfully completed the election work through democratic evaluation.

In the solemn national anthem, the general assembly opened the prelude. Sun Miaofang firstly made the mobilization speech. He pointed out that doing a good job in the election for a new term is of great significance on strengthening enterprise party building, giving play to the political core role of party organizations, and close relations between the party and the masses, cadres and the masses. He asked all party member representatives and guest non-party representatives elected in the measurement process, strictly in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "constitution" and so on. With a high sense of political responsibility and historical mission, starting from the height of benefiting economic development,the enterprise party construction work and the promotion of social contribution, ensure the elected members can bear the burden.

Subsequently, Wang Liping made the fourth party committee work report. He pointed out that in the past three years, under the guidance of the party work committee of Shiqi sub-district, Guangbo group party committee has actively set up a group and led the team to build a layered team of talents. We will integrate party building into all areas of production and operation. Actively innovate the educational model and promote the construction of model power. Actively grasp work style construction, standard examination basis, grounded in the idea of honesty, has achieved continuous in-depth development of enterprise, and constantly strengthening Party building.

Wang Liping stressed in his report, this year, Guangbo Group party committee will take the "2 + 3 + 4" enterprise development strategy as the guidance, to create brand, win public praise and seize the market, vigorously promote the intelligent production, meticulous management, diversification of marketing process, to promote the realization of Guangbo’s overall goal of gradual extension, gradual expansion of scale and gradual promotion of transformation of industries. Finally, Wang Liping asked all party members and cadres to break through the traditional shackle and actively integrate into the differentiated thinking. Set up the core consciousness of "taking talents as the foundation, innovation as the root, and technology as the soul". Build a modern production and management system of "large-scale production, differentiated marketing and personalized service", and strive to achieve Guangbo’s broad goal of one hundred years.

Then, the general assembly deliberated and adopted the method for election of new elections (draft), and through on-site voting, the democratic election of a new party committee members. Among them, Wang Liping was secretary of the party committee, Wang Junping and Shu Yueping were deputy secretary of the party committee, and Yang Yuan, Jin Da, Lin Xiaofan and Zhang Wenfei were members of the party committee. The meeting also deliberated and adopted the proposal submitted by the new member of the commission for discipline inspection, and comrade Shu Yueping was elected secretary of the commission for discipline inspection. The conference was successfully concluded in a magnificent international song and the election convention succeeded satisfactorily.

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