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Guangbo is selected China's top 100 light industry enterprise
Release time:2019-06-28 Browse times:1562

Recently, sponsored by China light industry federation, summit forum of top 100 light industry enterprises sponsored by China light industry information center was held in Beijing. It has released the list of China's top 100 light industry enterprises in 2018, top 50 enterprises in China's light industry food industry and Top 30 enterprises in China's light industry equipment manufacturing. Guangbo is on the list of China's top 100 light industry enterprise.

Taking "strengthening scientific and technological innovation and serving a better life" as the theme, the BBS is designed to promote the development of high quality of technology and promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry. And over the years, the light industry has become the important livelihood and national economic pillar industry in China. With a total of 14.4 percent of the total assets of the national industry, it has achieved nearly 20% of the main business revenue and profit of the national industry. The list is evaluated in terms of revenue, profit, profit margins and r&d investment.

As a representative enterprise of light industry, Guangbo Group has been sticking to the front line of manufacturing industry. At the same time, it has insisted on R&D innovation and investment in science and technology. The core development concept of "science and technology as the foundation, innovation as the soul and talent as the root" has been established. To promote the transformation of enterprises, promote innovative development, promote the development of the industry, promote the progress of the industry, realize the transformation of the old and new energy, and complete the layout of intelligent, high-end and integrated production line, and improve the breadth and depth of the industry.

Next, Guangbo will continue to increase the development and innovation investment, continue to improve the manufacturing level and technological level. It has achieved digital, automatic and standardized production and researched new energy sources by the new model and new technology. It will move forward with the goal of quality benefit, innovation ability and leading cultivation.

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