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Financial training went into Guangbo
Release time:2019-06-22 Browse times:756

In order to improve the financial management of the company, improve the business quality and financial management of the company's financial managers, on the morning of June 22, Guangbo group's financial work training was held in the multi-functional hall. All group finance staff participated in the event.

In this training, Guangbo invited Ye Shujing, the training course content of Ningbo Jin Die EAS services to teach about "basic financial operation skills and common problems" and "consolidated report foundation and management report configuration skills" two main themes. Firstly, combined with the actual case, Miss Ye introduced the course content in details. Let the financial theory knowledge and the actual case combine to make a better understanding. At the same time, in order to arouse the enthusiasm of the students, Miss Ye actively interacted with the financial personnel in the training field, and patiently answered the questions raised by everyone.

Although only half a day, but this training is full of dry goods. The atmosphere is warm. Let the financial personnel recognize the truth that details determine success or failure. Many people say that the training is rich and reasonable, and it is helpful for them to work in the future. In the future, must further seriously review and approve the audit and examination and approval, identify the risk and avoid the risk, and protect the health development of the group company.


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