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Fight for 618, Guangbo e-commerce company has been successful
Release time:2019-06-19 Browse times:1135

In a "minced" voice, the annual 618 is coming as scheduled. This year's Guangbo e-commerce department has made great efforts during 618. On the evening of June 17, the office of e-commerce department was alight. "Both on the battlefield and on the way forward.” With the encouragement of the slogan, the friends of the e-commerce department have made their efforts.

In order for this 618, after the spring festival, Guangbo e-commerce department has begun to prepare for work. Through the various planning activities of the previous period, it has accumulated enough heat, potential consumer groups and more fans for this 618. In the preparation of the cargo link, the sales of hand account, paper tape, suit class and other hot products are ready to work in advance, to ensure adequate supply during “618”. In the logistics link, the delivery of goods, sorting and packing is improved. And through scientific management, the process between various links is simplified, which greatly reduces the time of shipment. In the customer service system, through the intelligent customer service system, it has realized the rapid, efficient and accurate response, which greatly reduces the customer's loss, and ensures the efficient processing of the order.

In addition, Guangbo also has established a fixed fan group and has achieved the rapid growth of online sales with the way of webcast, offline activities and multi-shop linkage. During the “618” period, Guangbo e-commerce achieved a rapid growth under the circumstance of overall cooling of the industry . With the kinbor T-mall flagship store, fizz jd.com, which also achieved a significant increase of 132% and 56% respectively.

Since entering the e-commerce field, Guangbo has established the tenet of "quality products and intimate services", and has been actively developing the market with "one-stop brand e-commerce". It has gradually established a good reputation for the recognition and love of consumers. At the same time, Guangbo also actively adjusted the product and brand strategy based on the analysis, and further refined the product branch and the audience. It has established the personalized policy strategy of the marketing of the trend marketing and the fashion elements.

Next, Guangbo will continue to land the fashion stationery market, integrate more elements and ideas into the design and development of the product, and realize the second upgrade of the stationery industry.


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