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The party member of the city people's social bureau, Han Hongjiang visited Guangbo
Release time:2019-06-15 Browse times:1152

On the afternoon of June 13, member of Party committee of Ningbo human and social resources and security burea and counsel Han Hongjiang and his group of people came to inspect and guide Guangbo group, accompanied by the vice secretary of the group's party committee and CEO, Shu Yueping.

Han Hongjiang and his group have visited the comprehensive exhibition area and the history exhibition area. They have conducted a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the development history, current layout and future planning of Guangbo. For the innovative products of Guangbo, Hang Hongjiang is impressed and asked the details of the product's market response, design process and audience level. He said that the spirit of being the first regardless of tradition made Guangbo's achievements, and hoped that Guangbo would continue.

Later, Shu Yueping detailed the key layout and industrial planning of Guangbo in recent years. In recent years, under the background of changeable internal and external environment and complex macro environment, Guangbo has an active pursuit of change and innovation. With high quality development as a guide, explore a newway of transformation and upgrading. At present, it has made good achievements in the fields of new materials, fashion stationery and e-commerce. It will continue to explore the strength of the industry and strive to realize the development of the whole industry.

Han Hongjiang affirmed and endorsed the achievements and future plans of Guangbo at the present stage. He noted that the successful experience of Guangbo is worth other enterprises learning and reference. And he hopes that the next step will be to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the reform, strengthen the strength of the reform, strengthen the depth of innovation exploration, continue to promote the innovation process, continue to promote the diversification of the industry, continue the pace of upgrading, and strive for greater value for society.


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