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The first batch in the city! Haishu consumer education base creates "second classroom" after double reduction
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On November 17, 30 students from Zhongyuan primary school in Haishu District walked into Ningbo Guangbo Group Co., Ltd. to visit and study, and carried out experience activities by themselves. It is reported that after the implementation of the "double reduction" policy, the first batch of consumer education bases in the city are open to school students to create a "second classroom" outside the school.

It is reported that in order to better implement the "double reduction" policy and enrich the students' off campus life, Haishu District Consumer Protection Committee contacted the education department to fully open the top ten experiential consumer education bases in Haishu District to primary and secondary school students in Haishu District, so that students can go out of the campus, contact the society and experience professional feelings, so as to make consumer education become the "second classroom" off campus.

On the same day, 30 students from Zhongyuan primary school visited the notebook production workshop to understand the whole production process of printing, cutting, hot stamping and binding. In the showroom, they visited a wide range of colorful cultural and creative products and felt the inspiration and concept of design. Guangbo staff said that they are committed to the possibility of product creativity to change life, shape and lead consumer culture, adhere to original design, integrate traditional culture into products, and spread the deep connotation of traditional culture through products. Guangbo also arranged students to use their imagination to make creative art works of "winter in my mind". Through activities, students can experience the concept of creativity changing life.

In order to improve the ability and quality of consumers to safeguard their legitimate rights and interests and guide civilized, healthy, environmental friendly and rational consumption behavior patterns, Haishu district consumer rights and interests protection committee has established ten consumption experience bases to integrate social resources and combine enterprises, scenic spots, farms and other social forces. Let students can go out of the campus, come to different consumption bases, experience different consumption scenes, and realize comprehensive consumption education from childhood.


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