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"Caring for investors, acting together" -- Guangbo participated in the theme activity of "2021 online collective reception day for investors in Ningbo area"
Release time:2021-11-19 Browse times:2077

In order to further strengthen the communication between listed companies in Ningbo and investors, especially small and medium-sized investors, enhance the transparency of listed companies, improve the level of corporate governance and promote the standardized operation of the company.Under the guidance of Ningbo securities regulatory bureau, Ningbo Association of listed companies and Shenzhen panorama Network Co., Ltd. jointly held the theme activity of "caring investors and acting together" - 2021 online collective reception day for investors in Ningbo district.

The event was held on the platform of "panorama · roadshow world" from 15:00 to 17:00 p.m. on November 18. Mr. Wang Liping, chairman of the company, Ms. Huang Qiong, director and chief financial officer, and Ms. Jiang Shuying, secretary of the board of directors and deputy general manager attended the event to discuss issues of concern to investors such as corporate governance, development strategy, business status and sustainable development through online communication, Carry out "one to many" communication and exchange with investors.

The event was warmly participated by the majority of investors. At the same time, all guests of the company gave serious answers to the questions of investors. The communication channel between the company and investors is always open. We welcome the majority of investors to continue their daily communication with the company's executives through the interactive platform.


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