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Our colleagues won the second prize of district competition
Release time:2019-07-31 Browse times:931

On July 30, in Haishu district wage collective negotiation simulated competition, comrade Li Linze of personnel department of our company relies on excellent on-the-spot adaptability and excellent comprehensive quality, won the second prize of the individual. At the same time, she also helped her team in Shiqi Street won the first prize collectively.

It is understood that the competition is sponsored by the Haishu district federation of trade unions. It is aimed to adopt the form of "simulated negotiation”, solve the problem of "dare not talk, can not talk" in collective wage bargaining work, in order to promote enterprises and workers through equal consultation to determine wage levels and build a harmonious labor relationship.

For a long time, Guangbo has always adhered to the staff development as the center to carry out all kinds of work, actively provides all kinds of skills upgrading business training services for employees and helps employees to improve themselves.

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