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Dedicated to innovation and reaching new height----Guangbo held semi-annual economic work conference of 2019
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On July 27, Guangbo Group held semi-annual economic work conference of 2019. Group’s high-level leaders, middle-level management cadres, representatives of outstanding Party members, workshop team representatives and star employee representatives, about 300 people gathered together. Review and summarize the work of half a year, analyze the problems and find out the shortcomings, and jointly plan future development direction for the second half year. Wang Liping, secretary and chairman of the Party committee of the Group company, attended the meeting and made an important speech. Wang Junping, deputy secretary and general manager of the Party committee of the Group company, presided over the meeting.

At the meeting, Wang Junping made a summary report on his work in the first half of the year. He pointed out that in the first half of the year, the company insisted on taking the initiative to deepen the reform of the mechanism as the main tone, and conducted performance evaluation in an all-round way. Speeded up the production process of Vietnam's production base in response to changes in overseas markets. Continuously optimize the industrial layout as a starting point, and steadily promote the listing of new materials industry. Guided by the market segmentation of continuous deep tillage stationery, firmly promote cost optimization and production speed-up and efficiency management. Great progress has been made in all aspects.

Wang Junping said that under the influence of complex and changeable external factors such as international trade frictions and domestic cost elements rise, the company is facing challenges and seizing opportunities. It has formed a good environment in which overseas customers' cooperation intentions have increased significantly, cost reduction and efficiency increase have initially achieved, operational management has improved. Overall performance data improved year on year.

For the second half of the year, Wang Junping said under the complex environment faced by the company's operation, company staff must continue to focus on annual budget objective. Closely around the market demand, take out the courage to fight, break difficulties and innovation, grasping market opportunities, adhere to management innovation and service promotion and seek new growth.

Subsequently, the participating management cadres combined their respective situations, having a deep exchange in groups on the work of the first half of the year. Some constructive opinions and suggestions are given for the existing problems and the next development plan. Subsequently, the representatives of each department made a summary report on their work in half a year.

To inspire morale and inspire people, the conference also held a speech ceremony. Each member of the system made a statement separately. “Build a career with excellence and win with quality”, “dare to fight and never give up”, “clear goals and re-achievement” these slogans shouted out the heroic momentum of Guangbo people, the infinite longing of Guangbo people and struggling spirit of Guangbo people.

As an important part of this meeting, at the end of the meeting, president Wang Liping made a concluding statement. He acknowledged the company's achievements in the first half of 2019, thanked the staff and cadres who are fighting hard at the front line, clearly analyzed deficiencies in each work, and made a clear plan for the next development situation.

He pointed out that for more than two decades, through the process of birth from crisis, growth from adversity and strength from hardship, only then can we achieve today's results. Nowadays, facing the environment of Sino-US trade war and intensified peer competition, all cadres should judge the current situation, face up to the current situation and actively respond to it. In view of the double pressures of the former pacesetters and the latter pursuers, we should always be ready for competition. In response to market changes, environmental changes and policy change, we should make a quick response. For more and more rigorous markets and customers, we should actively promote the construction of large-scale and efficient production system.

Wang Liping stressed that all cadres should continue to raise their awareness. We should make our products to the utmost, reduce the cost to the utmost, open up the market to the extreme awareness of exploitation. We should continue to develop business with the help of overseas bases, overseas markets and overseas platforms, let Guangbo brands ground in more overseas markets. It is necessary to increase the introduction of high-level personnel with high academic qualifications and cultivate excellent internal talents, let useful talents become the core consciousness of "cadres" and "strong generals" in Guangbo’s reform and development. He asked all the managerial cadres to devote themselves to their posts, take full responsibility, accomplish tasks, should actively take risks and lead by example.

Finally, Wang Liping raised ardent hopes for all participants. He asked everyone to regain Guangbo spirit at the beginning of entrepreneurship - dare to rush, dare to fight, dare to take on the responsibility. We need to show energy, aggressiveness and hard work. We should dare to shoulder responsibilities in our respective posts. Contribute to the realization of Guangbo’s sustainable development.


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