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Playing a Harmonious New Movement Together and Drawing a Bright Future - Guangbo Group Successfully Holds Annual Economic Work Conference
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Say goodbye to 2023, welcome 2024, and look forward to the new development of Guangbo! On January 13th, the annual economic work conference of Guangbo Group was grandly held at the Dong Qian Lake International Conference Center.More than 200 people, including the Party Committee of the Group Company, senior leadership team, heads of various branch offices, and outstanding typical representatives, gathered on site to summarize the past and face the future.


A video reviewing the annual work sparked the atmosphere of the meeting, and amidst applause, the leaders of the group company entered. Subsequently, Wang Junping, deputy secretary of the Party committee and general manager of the Group Company, presented the annual work report of the Group.In the report, general manager Wang Junping reviewed in detail the achievements of Guangbo Group in 2023, analyzed existing problems, and proposed the economic work goals for 2024 and key work requirements for each business unit. Manager Wang pointed out that last year's international market demand was sluggish, the de sinicization of the supply chain intensified, and the economic recovery was slow. Faced with challenges, the company made every effort to plan and actively seize opportunities to turn crises into opportunities. Throughout the year, the overall development of the company showed a good trend of stability and progress: The overall performance curve of innovation and transformation in the domestic market has risen.Stabilize traditional businesses in overseas markets, and expand brands to overseas.The four major production system bases are working hard to achieve coordinated development.The upgrading and transformation of digital intelligence is being orderly promoted. The diverse and sustainable development momentum of Guangbo is forming a strong driving force.



At the meeting, Guangbo Group and Yongtaiping Company held a signing ceremony, continuing a new chapter of prosperity in close cooperation and injecting new vitality and hope into the development of both sides.Subsequently, in order to continuously promote the prosperity of the company's business and stimulate business vitality, a target incentive segment was held at the meeting. Acceptance bills were issued to the Silver Clad Copper Powder Business Unit, Government Enterprise Business Unit, and Ningbo Production Base, encouraging them to complete the task targets as soon as possible and create business miracles.



The meeting also held a grand commendation, and Shu Yueping, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the Group company, read out the commendation documents and introduced advanced deeds. The production department of the Vietnam base, the second powder making workshop of Boqian company, and the authorization department of the domestic market are three advanced collectives of Guangbo Group in 2023. Five comrades, including Wang Cuixia from the New Materials Stock Company, Zheng Jianing from Yongtaiping Company, Xu Panli from the Import and Export Company, Wang Sansan from the Paper Products Company, and Liu Huanhuan from the Financial Center, were awarded as outstanding management cadres of the year.


In the subsequent meeting, the heads of each branch and module also summarized and reported, expressed their opinions, and put forward many constructive suggestions based on their own work, in order to conspire with the development plan of the group company.


At the end of the meeting, Wang Liping, secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the Group company, delivered an important speech. Chairman Wang Liping first reviewed the key work for 2023 and fully affirmed the hard work and achievements of all the Guangbo people. He believes that every department of the company should have a spirit of hard work to achieve their dreams, constantly asking themselves whether they can make the company a model in the industry and achieve their own self-worth.


Chairman Wang Liping has outlined a grand blueprint for 2024, emphasizing the need to focus on cultivating Vietnam Cambodia bases, solidifying production capacity foundations, and practicing management skills in order to continuously enhance combat effectiveness and become an essential production reserve resource for European and American customers. Should broaden the dimensions of foreign trade products, increase the depth of product innovation, and establish new value anchors for non paper products.Should balance the structure and types of cultural and creative products through independent innovation and co branded IPs, gradually occupying the market while expanding product profits. We need to increase the pace of brand globalization, continue to expand into emerging continents such as Africa and South America, and extend our goals to 40 countries and regions based on existing markets. Should accelerate technological innovation in high-temperature powders, further reduce production and preparation energy consumption, and enhance product technology barriers. Should improve the silicon carbon coating process, accelerate the coverage and skill integration of the silicon carbon negative electrode material market, continuously introduce high-quality talents, and create a "industry university research" cultivation and development environment. Should break the traditional market framework, promote product reform, accelerate the diversified development of the company in digital, e-commerce, services, equipment machinery, heavy industry, and other directions, and carry out active and positive management.


Finally, he pointed out that,

We are aware that,

The glory that was once forged is an honor that peers cannot surpass. As the first stationery listed company, past achievements cannot become a shackle to progress.

We are clear that,

To always be a model in the industry, it is necessary to make every effort and uphold the spirit of innovation, in order to set even greater goals.

We understand,

To gain the respect of peers on the road to progress, one must experience rare pressures and tests, accept hardships and challenges that ordinary people find difficult to face, actively embrace change, and even overturn the past.

We realize that,

Standing at Guangbo and looking at the world, it is precisely because there are generations of hardworking Guangbo people who carry the investment, innovation, and mission of enterprises. There are no challenges that we cannot cope with, no victories that we cannot achieve, riding the wind and waves, and achieving our dreams.

We firmly believe that,

Every effort today is a new monument to the future, and we will once again be great.



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