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Practical training, Shiqi Street held the 13th Fire Fighting Competition and Escape Exercise
Release time:2023-11-10 Browse times:1889

Prevention first, life first. On the occasion of the 31st National Fire Protection Day, in order to improve the response ability of fire personnel in various units of the street to sudden fires, on the noon of November 9th, Shiqi Street, in conjunction with the fire station and community emergency team, carried out a fire emergency drill at Guangbo Group to enhance fire safety awareness. By inspecting new fire infrastructure such as fire reels, they prepared for the fire and prevented any potential fire.



At the first drill site after the fire reel was filled with water, with the arrival of the fire judge, everyone immediately changed their equipment, assembled the water pipes, and used the fire reel to quickly fill the water within a few minutes, knocking down the target target. The drill received unanimous praise from the on-site visiting staff.


The weather is gradually cold and dry, and various fire safety accidents are frequent. This drill not only enhanced the safety awareness of the staff, but also improved the organization and handling capabilities of fire fighting work, and promoted the improvement of emergency response capabilities of various units.




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