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Guangbo Group collaborates with Shiqi Street Community Health Service Center to carry out a charity consultation activity
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To effectively enhance the health and disease prevention awareness of Guangbo employees and help them prevent common diseases, on May 17th, Guangbo Group invited doctors from Shiqi Street Community Health Service Center to the company to carry out a free clinic activity with the theme of "health".


Many employees actively came to the event site for consultation, and medical staff patiently explained.Doctors learned about the physical condition of employees on-site through methods such as "observing, listening, inquiring, and feeling", and provided precautions in terms of diet, lifestyle, and other aspects. Medical staff patiently measured blood pressure for every employee who came to seek medical advice for free, provided health guidance, and provided detailed explanations on the indications, usage, and precautions of the drugs. At the same time, they also prepared a health lecture on "rejecting fatty liver", highly welcomed by everyone.


Many employees have expressed that they are usually busy with work and rarely have time to check their health. Today, this health care activity was well organized, practical, and heartwarming, not only allowing us to enjoy convenient medical services, but also allowing everyone to understand their own physical health status.

The purpose of carrying out a charity clinic activity is to further enhance the health awareness and disease prevention awareness of enterprise employees, safeguard the health of all employees of Guangbo, and is an external manifestation of corporate culture.

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