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The 2022 annual commendation conference of Guangbo Group was grandly held
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The rhythm returns to spring, and everything begins to renew.

In the afternoon of February 3, the 2022 advanced commendation conference of Guangbo Group was held in the report hall of the office building of Guangbo Industrial Park. Nearly 300 people from the party committee, senior leadership, employee representatives, and commendants of the group company gathered together to share the grand event. At the same time, the conference will be broadcast synchronously through the online platform, and Guangbo people from all over the world will share the happy moment together.

Commend the advanced

The achievements made in the past year can not be separated from the perseverance and hard work of every Guangbo person, and more importantly, a group of dedicated excellent personnel have emerged. Shu Yueping, the chief executive of the group company, read out the 2022 award document for advanced workers. Wang Liping, secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the Group company, and Dai Guoping, deputy general manager, respectively presented awards to them.



Statement by representative

Three advanced workers from the production system, business unit and R&D department delivered their acceptance speeches respectively. They said that they would continue to work hard and move forward bravely to deliver better answers for the fourth decade of the company.



Congratulations by video

Guangbo people from all over the world carry out "cloud blessing" through video real-time connection.


Chairman's speech

Wang Liping, secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the Group company, delivered an impassioned speech. He said that the past year is the thirtieth anniversary of the founding of Guangbo Group. Under the complex and severe internal and external environment, the company has made certain achievements in improving its work steadily and improving its quality. Thank all the staff for their concerted efforts.


Chairman Wang said that the new year is the key year for the company's layout and development. The company should continue to promote reform and innovation, accelerate technological improvement, accelerate talent cultivation, and further improve its management level.Finally, Chairman Wang hoped that the award-winning representative would take this honor as the starting point, lead all staff to carry forward the enterprising spirit of Guangbo people's hard work in the future work, form a joint force of struggle, and create new achievements for the development of the company.


Performance link

Wonderful songs and beautiful dances sang the extraordinary and brilliant achievements of Guangbo for 30 years, producing a welcome song for a new journey played by Guangbo people.The dream is in the distance and the road is at the foot. We are all running hard. We are all dreamers!



The meeting also arranged raffle and online red packet grabbing, which won the warm attention and active participation of all staff.


Achievements have not come easily, and struggle is full of hardships

Guangbo people work together and forge ahead bravely

Interpreted the story of time and strivers

Say goodbye to 2022

Stand at the new starting point of 2023

Guangbo Group will continue to go through both trials and hardships

Adhere to reform and innovation

Go forward bravely towards the grand goal of a century-old enterprise!

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