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If epidemic prevention and control will not stop, voluntary services will not close
Release time:2022-05-06 Browse times:1693

In order to cope with the current severe and complex epidemic prevention and control work and protect the health of every employee of the company, Guangbo group organized and recruited more than 50 volunteers to carry out epidemic prevention and control volunteer services at the intersection of the industrial park, nucleic acid sampling points, etc. to fully assist in epidemic prevention.

"Hello, please scan the location code. Thank you for your cooperation." "Please leave as soon as possible after the vehicle in front is scanned, thank you!" At the entrance of the industrial park, volunteers and economic police members perform their respective duties and work in an orderly manner. With everyone's cooperation, the vehicles in and out swept the code and left in an orderly manner, ensuring smooth roads and avoiding vehicle congestion.


At the three nucleic acid sampling service work points of Guangbo administration building, Guangbo intelligent warehouse and the canteen of the industrial park, the queue of employees participating in nucleic acid detection on site is neat, and volunteers guide everyone to scan the code and enter personal information carefully and meticulously, which seems to be an indispensable force in the fight against the epidemic.

This volunteer service action is a vivid reflection of all young volunteers of Guangbo Group to carry forward the healthy spirit, build the merit of youth, and establish the responsibility and feelings of not fulfilling the mission.


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