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Strict prevention and control - Guangbo Group has solidly promoted epidemic prevention and control
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Since December 5th, first COVID-19 nucleic acid positive persons were found in Zhenhai district of our city. The municipal Party committee and municipal government attached great importance to it, and started the emergency response at the first time, and immediately closed down the control of the streets, communities, schools, enterprises and their surrounding areas.

In view of the current development of the epidemic situation, on the afternoon of December 7, Wang Liping, chairman of the group, urgently held an epidemic prevention meeting, requiring all departments to implement the main responsibilities, solidly promote the epidemic prevention and control work, and seriously implement the four important decisions and arrangements of the group Party Committee with the economic police team as the first responsible unit.

After the meeting, all branches and departments immediately held an epidemic prevention deployment meeting to convey and implement epidemic prevention instructions to each employee, form the overall prevention and control system of the group, and fully carry out epidemic prevention and control.




Shu Yueping, deputy secretary of the Party committee of the group, adhered to his post, commanded ahead, understood and mastered the overall situation, and went to the front line to inspect and guide the work.Normal operation units such as industrial plant and administrative building shall increase the frequency of cleaning and disinfection of the place and open windows for ventilation; Strengthen body temperature monitoring and strictly implement the body temperature screening system. Add wash free hand sanitizer, disinfection paper towel and warm prompt card, and prepare disposable masks for guests' needs.

The group has established a 24-hour duty system, epidemic prevention and control notification system and employee health detection report system to check the personnel on business trips and returning to Ningbo, fully grasp the situation and do a good job in tracking service management.

Under the unified deployment of the group Party committee, Guangbo Group will go all out to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, and strive to maintain stable and orderly production and operation while strengthening epidemic prevention and control.


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